About Van Zijl

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VAN ZIJL makes safe play fun!

Children should be able to develop in a safe environment. They learn the most by experiencing things for themselves. This often involves a lot of falling over and picking themselves back up.

As a specialist in the development and installation of shock-absorbent ground cover, it is our job to ensure happy landings! After all, a child that falls should be able to get back up with a smile on his face.

Thanks to our years of experience in the complete realisation of comprehensive play areas (from design to installation to maintenance), we know better than anyone else how important the aspect of safety is in areas where children play. We provide safety ground cover for playgrounds, public areas, water parks, play areas, swimming pools, indoor play areas and multifunctional sports fields.

We can create complete play areas from the design phase to the installation and maintenance. Our specialist professionals ensure quick and efficient installation.

We are constantly conducting research, development and tests on our wide range of innovative products. In addition to safety, we also devote a great deal of attention to durability and the environment. Our products are 100% recyclable. When our products reach the end of their lifespan, we offer the option to remove and take away the entire product to be reused. This service is available for a small fee to cover labour and transport costs.

You can find more information about our product range on our website. If you have any questions that this information does not answer, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Our products are suitable for any environment, including yours!

Meisje hangend op haar kop.Kinderen in een speeltuin.Jongen hangend op zijn kop.