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Make safe play fun!

Children should be able to climb and play in safety without having to worry about possible dangers around them. Playing games is their way of exploring the world, and they learn from their experiences.

As a specialist in the development and installation of shock-absorbent ground cover, we make child safety our key priority. After all, a child that falls should be able to get back up with a smile on his face.

We offer many different types of shock-absorbent ground cover, each of which is specially designed for specific uses.

Safetygrass is a special type of artificial grass developed by us and available in a variety of colours. Using a combination of foam mats and anti-root sheets, safety grass offers excellent shock-absorption qualities.

Softlandings is a brightly coloured granulated material that can be laid in playful shapes. It creates seamless and wear-resistant ground cover that is easy to clean.

Do you want to decorate your play area with a cartoon character, a game or a sports field? If so, then our PlazaPatches pavement stickers may well be just what you’re looking for.Have you heard about tufting of logos, line markings or custom designs on artificial grass? If so, you should take a look in the Signgrass section: yet another unique product offered by Van Zijl.

As you will see, a safe play area certainly need not be boring! We offer a wide variety of options and are more than happy to accommodate your wishes. 

Our products are suitable for any environment, including yours!

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