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PlazaPatches are colourful, environmentally friendly, wear-resistant pavement stickers. They can be used as decoration or for line markings on your playground or playing field.

You can get creative and brighten up your play area with:
- Hopscotch tracks
- Alphabet games
- Twister
- Ludo
- Chess/draughts
- 10-pin bowling
- Number snake/number crocodile
- Footsteps, dinosaur tracks, bear tracks etc.

In addition to the various games and characters, it is also possible to mark out playing areas for particular sports, such as football, tennis, basketball, volleyball etc. These line markings are available in all kinds of colours and measurements. Specific text or logos are also included in the many options we offer.

Traffic squares

Want to teach your children the highway code in an enjoyable manner? If so, our educational play roads could be exactly what you’re looking for. They allow children to unconsciously learn about the highway code while they play! The product range consists of road signs, stop lines, zebra crossings, traffic lights etc.

Roof terraces

We do not recommend that you apply PlazaPatches pavement stickers to roof terraces, as they are applied using a gas burner. On roof terraces, only moderate heats can be used, which means that we cannot heat the pavement stickers enough for the necessary bond to be made. Experience also tells us that tiles used for roof terraces are subjected to higher temperatures than tiles in a play area due to the sun and the roof covering. As a result, the PlazaPatches can come loose.

The advantages of PlazaPatches:

  • Clean and rapid application
  • Cheerful primary colours
  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Frost, snow and salt resistant