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Would you like your own logo, design or line markings incorporated into your artificial grass? No problem!

Signgrass® is tufted using unique technology. This makes it possible to create pretty much any conceivable design via a TIF or JPG file. Thanks to our experience with designing, developing and applying artificial grass surfaces, we are optimally capable of guiding you during the design and application of your own unique logo, line markings or design onto artificial grass.

Wealth of options
Signgrass® is available in a variety of colours and fibres. There is an extremely wide range of options, such as fibres of between 10-120mm in length, row distances of between 5-25mm, blade densities of between 100-250 per metre and a wide range of standard colours. It is possible to create designs of up to 4 x 9m on a single piece. This means that no glue joints are visible and your design is flawless down to the finest detail!

The durability and quality makes Signgrass® artificial grass perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Signgrass® can be used for many different purposes, for example, in playgrounds, sports fields or golf greens. It can also be used for garden areas at business premises to display the logo and/or slogan of the business. It is also perfect for sponsorship activities, providing fantastic exposure to large crowds at sports fields, events or public areas. In short, it’s the perfect way to publicise your logo or company name.

The advantages of Signgrass®:

  • Optimum display down to the finest of details
  • No glue joints
  • No cutting loss
  • Unlimited shape possibilities
  • Wide range of available colours
  • Single pieces of up to 4 x 9m in size
  • Strong and durable


SigngrassSigngrass, een logo volledig in kunstgrasSigngrass