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SoftLandings® ground cover is ideal for use as matting for children’s play equipment, both indoors and outdoors. Falls are optimally cushioned, allowing children to simply jump straight back to their feet and carry on playing.

The cheerfully coloured granules can be applied in a single colour or in a mix of different colours, arranged into one of countless possible shapes and designs. We offer a wide variety of options and are more than happy to accommodate your wishes. The seamless, wear-resistant top layer does not lose its colour and is easy to clean. The sound structure also makes it vandalism-resistant.

The basis is formed by a support base of tiles, concrete or broken stone. The surface consists of two layers. The sides are finished with edge beams. The end result is seamless ground cover that provides the best possible fall protection.

Optimal safety
SoftLandings® safety ground cover complies with the European NEN-EN 1177:2008 standard, which demands extremely high HIC (Head Injury Criterium) values. The tests show that the safety norm is complied with for falls from heights between 60cm and 3m. Once the ground cover is laid, a certificate displaying the HIC value is awarded.

Low maintenance
Depending on the type of ground cover laid, additional watering methods are sometimes recommended. However, the maintenance frequency remains once a year. SoftLandings® comes with a 3-year guarantee.

The advantages of SoftLandings®:

  • Safe and low maintenance
  • A huge range of creative designs are possible
  • Seamless surface
  • Noise reduction
  • Anti-slip and water permeable
  • Easy to apply around playground equipment
  • Easy to lay and expand
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for any environment